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usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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Ask me things. :)

Q and A

I've seen a couple of these floating around and I think it would be kind of fun to do one of my own. Especially because I'm not really feeling motivated to write anything.

This will give me the chance just to do some free form, almost journal style writing. Really, I'm hoping for one of you amazing people to accidentally inspire me. Haha

So, anyone who wants to know a little about me, feel free to ask anything and everything. Nothing is off limits, my mind and life are open to you.

Ask away in the comments, and I promise to answer to the best of my ability.

I'm going to leave this open indefinitely for now because I don't really know how long is appropriate to allow the questions to come in.

@charliesheldon I love this question, because I get to just say: I don't know. Haha. I am the type of person to always be thinking about 1000 things at the same time and sometimes my thoughts just turn into a poem. What happens the most often to me is that I'll just be sitting around, maybe at a red light, and a few lines will just pop into my head.

And then from there I develop it further and find out what it is I'm trying to write. The same is true for my prose, sentences or scenes just happen in my head and if I like it enough, I write it down.

It's difficult for me to see something, feel inspired by it, and then capture the moment because I often feel my words fall flat. So perhaps it's apt to say my adhd is my inspiration.

I also love that you're asking me about food, because right now I'm actually pregnant and craving things I wouldn't normally. Usually, I love salty and spicy anything, specifically a really good plate of nachos, but right now all I want is fruit and dairy products. I've been eating a lot of ice cream lol

@kira A few things drive me to write, honestly. I have always felt the need to immortalize my thoughts specifically because I have so many all the time. I'm consistently worried I'll forget some million dollar idea.

But also, and perhaps the biggest reason, I struggle with several mental illnesses, my biggest battle being against bipolar II, which differs from people with bipolar I in that my mania is not as severe. Writing is deeply cathartic for me, and helps me deal with a lot of the really complex thoughts and emotions that go along with having bipolar II.

I also feel it's important to share my experience in the hopes that someone else may relate. Mental illness can be horribly isolating, and seeing that someone else is dealing with it too can make a world of difference.

@chronoprincess Romance. UGHHHH I feel that when I write romance it comes off as cliche or doesn't feel genuine at all. So often times when I try to write anything to do with love or romance, it turns into some weird, twisted story of lust tied in with deceit and tragedy, like a good telenovela. lol

I am 100% my own toughest critic, and when I'm writing I'm very particular about the tone and exact wording I use. When writing romance it just never feels like it flows correctly so I generally just kind of stay away.

@poemsaboutlife Well, it's not really "wild", but my greatest fantasy is to live a completely self sustaining, zero waste life style on a decent amount of land somewhere near mountains. I live in the USA, so my husband and I would specifically like to be in South or North Carolina (though in a totally perfect world it would be Germany).

We'd have at least a few acres, some goats, bees, chickens, a garden/farm large enough to sustain our family and maybe sell the extra at a local farmer's market. I would have nothing to do with it, but my husband wants to provide us with all our meat through hunting.

AND the way we would pay for our life style would be through 1) my writing, of course lol and 2) ball python/large snake breeding (this is my husband's fantasy, to be a successful reptile breeder) because both can be done in the convenience of our own home.

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