My Eyes Are Brown
My Eyes Are Brown poem stories

usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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Something I wrote a while ago that I just stumbled upon. I figured I would share it.

My Eyes Are Brown

My eyes are brown

brown like mud or a dead leaf found decaying namelessly on the ground but that’s just a poetic way to say my eyes are shit brown.

His eyes are blue

blue like the sky in early afternoon or that halo haze around the moon when the weather is about to change - his eyes are the perfect hue; serenity blue.

and when those blue eyes catch mine my irises don’t feel like puddles of mud even though that gaze brings forth a flood of elation, a change of self perception and I can see my eyes through shades of blue.

Now I see my eyes are brown

brown like the bark of a banyan tree or the center of a sunflower kissed by a honeybee brown like the supple earth beneath my feet

and darling, brown has never felt so sweet.

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