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Just another #icebreaker challenge post, inspired by @duskthoughts. Come guess the answers to my questions! :D

#Icebreaker Challenge

So @Duskthoughts apparently started an icebreaker challenge so we can all get to know each other a little better. I absolutely love this idea! Especially because as we enter the new year, I'm attempting to be a more active community member rather than just post my own work and bounce.

I'm going to ask you all three questions about myself, each question will have three choices, two lies and one truth. It's up to you to guess which is the truth!

I'll post the correct answers on January 2nd. Please feel free to tag me in your #icebreaker challenge posts so I can guess at your questions and learn something about you, too! So here we go!

What is my favorite Pokemon? A) Gengar B) Eevee C) Charmander

What are my cats' names? A) Fluffy and Lucy B) Zoe and Zelda C) Anubis and Osiris

What skill did I learn in 2018? A) Crochet B) Gardening C) Carpentry

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