Hollow Outlines
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usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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A poem about how dumb it is to put stock into boundary lines that don't actually exist. Boundaries are important in relationships, but not when it comes to countries. Sorry not sorry.

Hollow Outlines

So I meant to post this yesterday for territory, but I fell asleep before I could finish it. I guess boundaries kind of works too. lol

Lines drawn so arrogantly in sand or brick or stone dissecting nature’s monuments and splitting creature’s homes.

Flags waving pretentiously above borders bricked by soldiers' forgotten bones swaying rhythmically to an anthem bleeding xenophobic undertones.

Declarations of possession inked on paper create imaginary safety zones for those who hold the quill to reap what we have sown.

I fear we have forgotten no man dominates this earth we try to own Evolutionary pride now reigns our minds so we challenge that these realms are simply out on loan.

This land is mine, they claim forcing foreigners born here into lands unknown all in the name of propriety over territory so vain sovereigns may loll in their white thrones.

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