Battle in my Bedroom
Battle in my Bedroom insomnia stories

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A poem about insomnia. It's a battle in my bedroom every night. I was trying to go back to sleep this morning, but I started writing this in my head we are.

Battle in my Bedroom

I pluck my eyelids from the clothes line

Where they were drying

from my mid day weeping

and iron them back on.

I super glue them shut

So they have no choice

but to stay closed tonight.

I lay in bed for hours

Searching for the off switch in my head

But all I find are more corridors

Leading down more rabbit holes.

Somewhere in the distance the clock

Mocks me - I'm late, I'm late,

for a very important date with Mr. Sandman

I guess I'll have to cancel again -

its hands are hammering minutes into existence

Using my skull as the anvil

Turning my eardrums into war drums

Signaling the enemy is on the horizon

Blue black light creeps into my eye lid

that never irons on quite right

A silent scout investigating the battle field

The scout retreats and reports an easy adversary,

Bird song marks the march of dawn

As sunlight radiates into my room

Melting the last of the super glue

and my eye lids flutter open

like broken blinds taking in the sun.

My alarm clock trumpets defeat

The other army has won.

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