A Father's Pride
A Father's Pride  acrostic stories

usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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A free form/acrostic poem. Poems within a poem. A little look into my family dynamics. Not so great. But honest, nonetheless.

A Father's Pride

A father’s P R I D E

Creates a daughter’s inflated E G O

And a mother with no S E L F R E S P E C T

A father's P assed down through genetics R icocheting across I ndeterminate boundaries D eals fatal blows to E very relationship.

Creates a daughter’s inflated E nticing her to act G ruffly in the face of any O pposition

And a mother with no S ay in marital, financial, or family matters E ventually L eading to F alse declarations of love,

R educed communication and the E nd (divorce) S eems P erfectly E ager to begin despite her C harming efforts T o save something already dead.

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