If You Were My Groom
If You Were My Groom kimjonghyun stories
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If You Were My Groom

If You Were My Groom

I still remember the day I saw you in blue

When I finally realized, what I was looking for is you.

I still dream me covered in white petals and you standing on the blood path, waiting.

I still smile while my eyes hurt in tears,

But I see you smiling and hands sweating.

‘Hey’ you say in breeze making my cheeks red.

I looked up and saw tears sparkling as your eyes get bright.

A tear dropped on your skin, I brush away softly and my tears can’t stop.

You held my hands and squeezed them tightly, they are yours anyway.

I still felt your warm wet hands through my white gloves.

It was cold but I was warm as our lips brushed in and the familiar petals I taste.

I opened my eyes and breath in my sorrowfulness and say,

'Moon, if you were my groom.’

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