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I wish I could make a change


People out here living in the streets

Cold with no clothes and nothing to eat

Man I can’t believe

20k children die every day, Hungry

From 3rd world countries

So many damn people and we can’t do a thing?

$2 each and we could stop poverty

But nah you gotta get them iced teeth

And that blinged out jewelry

Tryna buy overpriced shit supporting the rich

Knowing you aint got shit

We're such a disgrace 

What a shame to live in this place

I wish I could go up to space

I wish I could make a change

Idk if I'll live to see that day

It’s fucking 2019

Everyone dead looking at their screens

Shaking that ass on the gram

And all for what?

For some views, likes ? Or acceptance?

Man I can’t accept this

Fuck look where we came to be

Man this can’t be

Trump dont even believe in global warming

Wish I could make everything better and green

Where people had no greed

So we could all share and be free

But man no one could change this

Look at our world, it’s sick

Everybody is so blind

Only caring about their lives

Fuck people who judge , hate, and discriminate

That aint the fucking way

Man I wish I could make a change

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