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Waiting for an answer after confessing to a crush.

If - A Love Poem

If I told you that I loved you, Would you say you felt the same? If you found that you’re my reason in life, Would you smile or run away?

They tell me you’re unsightly, Though I can’t understand just why “Find a better love, my dear.” But I can find no “better” with my eyes

Perhaps if I brought some flowers and sweets Made by my own hands You’ll taste and smell the love I put Since your blind eyes only think me bland

And I guess that makes your ears deaf, too If all my confessions held no meaning But the blush on your cheeks tells differently And I’m glad I wasn’t dreaming

If I chase you for a million years, Will you love me or hate me more? Is this tug of war so one-sided, That it has only become a chore?

Perhaps, if I just let go instead, You’ll try to chase me for a start But if you don’t, I’ll be alone, And I can’t stand that with all my heart

Call me childish, I won’t deny it — that I’m being quite the pest So tell me to stop if you so desire it Then I’ll leave you, let you rest

Give me an answer, it’s all I require Better than my lonely expectations Of us finally coming together one day And my other hallucinations

If we happen to come together this day, I wonder how long it’d last If we happen to come together someday, Perhaps we’ll be parted just as fast

If my wishes are only fantasy, Then I hope some dreams really do come true, That I’ll be able to dream of you and me Until the day that I will rue

If we somehow came together, Do you think we’ll both feel truly happy? I hope we do, I really do, And I don’t care if I’m being sappy

I wish that we’ll both feel content No matter where we are Should we get together despite the obstacles, Under the moonlight, Under the stars.

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