Bare 'Whatsapp' life
Bare 'Whatsapp' life texting stories

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It just occurred to me when a friend told me that I replied her 12 hours later. This is Just another piece of writing, about those chats found at the bottom of everyone's inbox. Give this a try.

Bare 'Whatsapp' life

It's so beautiful how conversations start initially, between two people, hours and hours of texting that never ends.

Replies are instant and on point, so honest and guiltless like a child.

Slowly the assumptions, ennui, resilience, ego and vulnerability creeps in.

You see the message, you reply later. You ignore or forget, it's natural.

And over days or months, it becomes slowly "an hour later", "a meal later", "half day later" to "a day later".

Basically it's culpable how such beautiful conversations end with "late replies", "no replies", "ignored",

and finally the same person you exchanged messages with, like bullets, is now sitting at the bottom of your chats, devoid.

Take time, find out those devoid chats and say hi to them from my side. You might just make their day.

Worst case you'll be left with blueticks and no say No-reply is a reply in itself anyway. In that case, stay away.

Peace ✌ RT

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