Which path do I take?
Which path do I take? life choices stories

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The curse of many paths.

Which path do I take?

Which path do I follow?

What’s in this life

That I can call my own.

I was given the keys

To a hundred doors

I was given access to a hundred floors.

All I had to do

Was just pick one

All I had to achieve

Was a single, tiny goal.

But one wasn’t enough

So I opened up four more.

To & fro, to & fro

Back & forth I do go

Working down each path I chose

I do the work, but nothing shows.

“You’re talented! You’re special!”

They tell me every time

Because I can access all these doors

It blows their very minds.

They think it’s great

I do all these things, keeping myself busy

Meanwhile, they have got quite far

On the path they’ve chosen.

Now I am bored, ‘tis true

So four more doors I open.

Getting nowhere fast am I

I sink into dispair

Watching all my peers fly by

On their chosen path.

They wish they could be me

But it’s a blessing and a curse

But really I just want their lives

To know where I am meant.

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