Happily Ever After
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Its all about how you take off with marriage and the baggage of it.

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Happily Ever After

by Anjum Zaiba

Sacrifice, compromise, adjustment, ill-treatment, responsibility, untold duty, all come with marriage, which no one talks about.

If you accept all this, learn to be patient, and have a caring partner by your side, it becomes happily ever after. How happy you make it is in your hands.

Sometimes you, sometimes your partner, turn by turn, have to play the compromise game.

Sometimes you lean on his chest and feel relaxed and a silent promise is made, don't worry I am here, will sort this out.

The other days, you are stronger, he rests in your lap and makes you feel he needs you. Shares his thoughts, his work, his joy, his office stories, and the night just slips away.

Fresh morning, a great start, with a broad smile. Get up, get a hot shower, nicely dressed, and now straight to the kitchen - morning routine.

Prepare breakfast, pack lunch, cleaning the mess, make the home neat and tidy.

It's time to raise the curtains and wake him up. He wants you by his side with a smile, he feels blessed and thanks god for this lovely moment every morning. For such a caring and loving wife.

"It's weekday darling, for romance we have weekend , now get up"-said the wife.

Stretching his arms, feeling still lazy, got up from his bed and said - Love you Wifey This is a perfect morning for both, her smile is his strength, his smile reflects how blessed he is, to be loved.

Weekday frenzy, rushing through the time, in and out of the kitchen, milk with some muesli is the quick recipe for a healthy breakfast.

"Good Morning sir, Good Morning Mam", greets the security, irrespective of the age. How nice it will it be if we reply with a smile and appreciate his gesture.

Everyone in this world is looking for love and respect. Some get it by birth and some earn it by their work and values.

Scrum meetings, project dealings, pending work, and other office stuff but still makes a call to check on you, wants to know whether you reached safely and on time. How Romantic!!!

After a hectic day, he waits at the metro station, while she packs 2 burgers, knowing that he will be hungry, if not she, then he will stop at some eatery for some light snack.

They exchange smiles as they wave each other, have burgers or snacks, and head towards home.

As soon as they reach home, they see a huge pile of clothes...aahh laundry!!! Lucky girl, he does the laundry, sorts and puts the clothes in the washing machine, while she is busy cooking.

How nice if all couples help each other keeping their ego aside?

Dinner is served, hot and tasty(a bit though). They decide what movie to watch as it's the weekend. once dinner is finished, she cleans the dishes while he cleans the room.

All done, all set, now movie time. This is how the weekend starts. The weekend is their "WE" time.

They cook together, have fun together, go grocery shopping together and watch a lot of movies TOGETHER.

Hand in hand they go. They understand, if they both share the household chores, they get quality time with each other. This is what they want "TIME".

Couples have to understand that TIME plays a crucial role in building their relation, so "Give time to each other, as much as possible".

Some blame him, ask him not to do the house chores as it's her job, some taunt her saying her husband does her work, she does not know how to manage the house.

Both will take the blame, listen to the taunts but still support each other. Because they know at the end it's they, who have to stay together.

People come, say a lot of things, and leave. But it's you and your partner who have to decide what to do?

It depends on how well you know each other, how much you respect each others' thoughts, and most important how badly you want the other person to be in your life.

How happy are you, when the other person is by your side? What can you sacrifice to have the other person with you?

When you take a step forward and listen to him and he takes a step back to help you, guide you. Some steps forward, some backward helps maintain the balance.

When you are happy doing small tasks of his and he sacrifices his sleep, waits for you to finish your job and join him for a movie so that it becomes a memorable moment.

These small things, small steps lead you to a wonderful life.

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