Untitled 27: The A.I.
Untitled 27: The  A.I.  machine stories

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The A.I. is at once the savour and distractor

Untitled 27: The A.I.

The A.I. age is perceived by many as the light of Hope

What will release humanity from the burden of being "perfect" at everything

What can give a break to the humanity

It will make the best doctor, lawyer, mother, warrior ...

It will create a world where no human can nor need to act as if he's great at anything

Humanity will be free

To reach the ungratified promise of freedom, the human is willing to trade what remains of its humanity

To go so far as to lead an "imperfect" existence in the shadow of the A.I.' perfection

And so far as to blur the line between creator and creation

The A.I. is at once the savour and distractor

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