Untitled 10: Dear Sulli .....RIP
Untitled 10: Dear Sulli .....RIP suicide stories

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She put an end to her life and words came flooding out of me

Untitled 10: Dear Sulli .....RIP

By the time someone will be reading this ... she may have been long forgotten... May she rest in peace.

For those of you who don't know her,

she was a singer and an actress too,

and quite known for being constantly cyberbullied by netizens just for being "herself" or trying to, at least.

She entered the entertainment industry at a very young age, was forced to grow up too fast, and has always been told that she's meant for that,

Yet she was never given the chance to express it independently ... whether she thinks the same or not.

She felt the obligation to live up to people' praises and expectations, hindering her quest for self-discovery, making her doubtful of herself .... sometimes.

It's tiring.

I didn't know her personally, coming from two different backgrounds, carrying a load of different ideologies some may be similar, some may remain unknown and incomprehensible,

Yet beyond all these differences, one thing is sure,

We are both human, and humans are weak.

When will we break free from the sacralized image the human made for himself? ... It's suffocating.

The irony is that postdating her death she received more love than she had ever when she was alive...

At least there's still something that awakes our "La Belle au bois dormant" humanity...

... Death.

As am writing these words, I am driven by a conflicted state of emotions ...

..... she was found dead at 3 am by herself ...

Death is terrifying, Dying alone is petrifying....

Rest in peace, you beautiful soul ...


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