Untited 9: Confessions of an academician
Untited 9: Confessions of an academician philosophy stories

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“We are all of us richer than we think we are, but we are taught to borrow and to beg, and brought up more to make use of what is another’s than of our own.” — Michel de Montaigne

Untited 9: Confessions of an academician

A random encounter with a stranger ...

He was desperately vaunting his intellectualism, showering me with quotes of various thinkers .... surprised when I nodded "no" to some of them or all ... maybe.

He admirably restrained himself from calling me "ignorant" when the look in his eyes was loudly voicing "Academia RIP"......

As a spectator,

I have always been impressed by those people who arrogantly quote other thinkers under the impression of being man and woman of letters ...

... an amazement that was shortly reduced to ash as I stepped into the world of academia.

Our intimidating school culture makes us study others' ideas rather than studying and constructing our own.

As we stuff our brains endlessly with ideas which are not ours, we unconsciously shut down our ability to think independently and by so we kill any hope to find our true voice

... in the process we are left with the illusory impression that we are producing our own thoughts when in fact ...

We are nothing but parrots that have lost track of the separating line between what is ours and what is others'...

Or maybe there was no separating line to begin with?!

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