Solace in Names

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unstrrdy author, poet, amateur photographer
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A monologue (in the form of a Spenserian sonnet) of a person who has fallen for their rival who already has a beau.

Solace in Names

Ritualistic that a throwaway could descry recognition Genuinely galling you know a glare is to deter Yet hardly care that easy touches fluster the “competition” Refound my Haunt, though with despair, to make Ours simpler

Fancied you avert your eyes, straighten those lips; quarter Risked you learning you weig -hed heavy in my mind: all bite, quick wit, unwavering opinion Grateful they say the mind reflects your room’s clutter Convenient of an excuse for the addled state of my cons -cience; you have a companion!

Wish I’d cursed not to your face but to that comfortable and reliable oblivion Honesty, a virtue? I scoff; left a fool, see who’s bumbling at some careless simpering! Guilelessly strode into my head, ethereal beauty and all, imposing dominion Truly brilliant! I too want to wave it all off just as easily, still disbelieving

Seek no further for subtext and symbolism Such a staggering series fuels cynicism

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