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unspoken I write to get my feelings out
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Some words needed to be said about a relationship gone bad with a lovely girl I met over the summer.


By: suppressedwords

Do you remember how our drunken lips danced on each other gracefully?

Do you remember how my eyes admired you as a fire consumed my cold soul?

Do you remember the late night drives we took? Listening to music as I sing.

Do you remember talking on the cliffs for hours, bonding and growing more in love with one another?

Do you remember how our love suddenly took the wrong path to our wanted destination?

I remember hearing you say "it's either me or him."

I remember you say "I don't share."

I remember you grew cold and I became frostbitten.

I remember leaving, thinking I wasn't coming back.

I remember you moved on.

I remember it killing me.

I remember your text read "now it's your turn to feel the pain I felt."

I remember the nights I called out your name as my face was wet with tears.

I remember us being no more.

...and now we're just dead roses, as you would call it.

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