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unseen_poet Community member
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This always happens in every corner bus-stop,hospital and many other places.


I was visiting the hospital

Went to the reception

She asks me to wait outside,”I’ll call,” she said

I was waiting outside watching the tv hanging in front of me


Someone speaks near me

With a very old and hollow voice

I turn my head

He was an old man trying to make a conversation with me

“Where is your home, son?”

“Jhapa,” I said

Why are you here? He’s trying to make a conversation

“I am feeling pain in my knees”

“I am here because of my throat, it started hurting from yesterday” he replies

He is trying to make a comfortable conversation

It was just a usual conversation

But I feel so awkward

I was not prepared for that

It took back me to my childhood

I was always curious

I was making conversation with my elders

But nowadays I feel like I am lost

This one toy (my phone) make my life miserable

It is very hard to undo

But I can try

At least I will start the conversation next time when I’m in that situation

I'll try at least

I will not feel awkward next time

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