Searching for happiness
Searching for happiness  happiness stories

unseen_poet Community member
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Happiness is everywhere.

Searching for happiness

When I was a kid of 2 years ,my concern was in food, I thought sweets were happiness

When I was 5 my thoughts changed ,I thought playing with friends all day was happiness

When I was 10 my thoughts changed again , I thought become older/senior was happiness

When I was 15, I thought good marks in exams was happiness

When I was 18, I thought Love was the key of happiness

Now I’m 23 and going to graduate after 1 month and Now I think getting a good job and settled life is happiness

What is happiness actually ?

It is one thing in this particular moment and It will be changed soon

Live in the moment and let’s enjoy our time together

Tomorrow we will find another definition of happiness

Be happy and spread happiness 🙂

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