Anti social
Anti social feeling stories

unseen_poet Community member
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It's my feeling so don't judge me from behind that screen.

Anti social

Social media

Oh i found irony here

Why it is called social when it only makes us antisocial

We chat

Send emojis


Do you think I smile when i sent it?

Believe me I didn’t

I sent it because it was just there

To make you feel like I laughed when I sent it

You don’t know what I am doing next to screen

You cant guess how many selfi I took before you see that one on Instagram

You may still find 100 of them in recycle folder

I don’t have that look

My phone did it for me

For 1 tiniest second ,that was my look which is it captured

But you know, who will like me if i am not handsome or beautiful, right ?

One day,I went dating with someone with my usual face (I can’t change it anyway)


I find my answers

What matters is the feelings

Not my stupid face

I’ve another story

What happens when Someone dies?

I don’t feel like going to his funeral

Instead I write 3 magical words in status


And I’m relieved

I don’t feel emotions

I don’t feel pain

I feel nothing

But when I posted it in my wall they think I do care

But I didn’t

We are more than that,right?

I want to be social

But not in social media, it make me antisocial day by day

What about you?

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