2020: End of Misery
2020: End of Misery 2020 stories

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2020, completely changed the definition of normal and kept the world at pause .
Here is a poem representing that

2020: End of Misery

5,4,3,2,1- Happy new year

The world squealed, danced

All of us as happy as a lark

unaware of stepping into the dark

First came fire, then came ebola

accompanied by floods and cyclones

as if this wasnt enough

then came corona

Darkness visible, conspicuous absence

Said Mother earth scanning

everything through her lens

People fighting, people dying

our hearts heave with sighing

Migrants walking barefoot

A child waking up his dead mother

communal bloodshed and inhumane

slaughter of lives that should matter

Heart doesnt know, for what should I cry,

for the initial or for the latter?

2020 you gave us a historical present

Sound of silence conquered the world

Emotionally, physically , financially

there is a suffering

Let there be sunshine replacing the dark

clouds that are hovering

We are sorry mother earth

we broke you beyond repair

Our shrewd dumbness

selfishness and materialism

replaced your raw pain with numbness

"The show must go on", once said a wise man

Though we all mourn, we still have some magic

miracles ahead of us

Together we promise to rise back

Amidst this whole chaos awaits

festive tranquility and normalcy.

Dear 2020 you are deceptively honest

Your imprints have been stamped in the history

You came and brought a lot of mystery

Alone you became a one man band

making people waltz to your tunes.

Hopefully 2021 will have a friendly takeover

However bittersweet you were,

We all wish.for.you to pass

With peace and eloquent silence

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