I'm Finally Awake But Confused

I'm Finally Awake
But Confused suicide stories

unrequitable We've all been drunk on emotions, right?
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I recently made the two hugest mistakes of my life. I've been finding it hard to forgive myself for my stupidity

I'm Finally Awake But Confused

Six years of innocence Six years of adolescence And six years of denial

A moment of hesitation Two thoughts of regrets And three weeks in the E.R.

Hallucinations and a false reality I see my eager friends and family And most importantly a happy You

A cold bed and your warm blanket Abundant pills lying next to a stupid decision It's obvious what happens next

I find myself unbearable, in an agonizing pain Ruptured mentality and physically numb Wondering if I'll ever go back to being normal

I find it harder to say now that I think about it My attempt to find answers in the afterlife I really tried to commit suicide...

Perhaps I have a purpose Perhaps we weren't meant to be Perhaps things'll work itself out

Days pass as I slumber A sigh of relief as I wake up unharmed Family by the bedside and machines beeping

An altered mentality and oddly refreshing I can't help but think of You as I lay in my hospital bed Can I apologize and have things go back to how they were?

Or is it too late? I find myself idle Barely staying afloat in a pool of "what ifs"

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