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You wish upon what looks like a star but is actually a satellite. Your wish has been recorded, catalogued, and an agent is now assigned the task of granting your wish. (This is from a writing prompt from a website called ) And yes, Spencer is my little non-binary cinnamon roll.

My Wish~

It's a cold winter night, and Spencer Herrera can see their breath in the air. They rub their hands together, hoping for the promise of warmth, but none is given.

With a sigh, Spencer shifts their feet in the cold grass. Spencer turns their eyes to the sky, which is filled with the array stars that you can only see this far into the countryside.

The moon shines faintly in the sky, and Spencer smiles ever so slightly. Then, they notice a star, that shines more brightly than the rest.

And sure, maybe it's not a shooting star, but it's something. So, they close their eyes, and whisper their wish.


Agent Syeda Kassis stood in the office with a hand on her hip, waiting impatiently for her new assignment. Violet Coleman, brushed past, then stopped, and turned towards her.

"Agent Kassis! I have something for you, wait." Syeda straightens at this.

"Really?" she says. Violet had already rushed over to her own desk. She came back with a stack of papers.

"It's about your new assignment. The boss wasn't able to get out of a conference, so I was told to give you these." Violet said in a stately manner.

Agent Syeda quickly lifted the load of papers, and started to flip through them.

"Spencer H, huh?" she said. Violet shrugs, smiling sympathetically, before walking away.


Agent Syeda was having brunch at a local cafe, that according to the intel she'd acquired from Violet, was often a place that a certain Spencer H. would come.

She sat at a high table, munching on a croissant she'd bought herself. Syeda surveyed the cafe, and took a quick peek at her watch. Syeda sighs, and looks one more time over the papers.

Spencer H, Non-Binary, age her eyes graced the first page, she stopped. Wait, that's their wish? she thought. How am I supposed to get that? Suddenly the whole thing seemed impossible.

Before Syeda had time to call the office or leave, Spencer comes trips their way through the open doors of the cafe. They curse under their breath, and struggles to their feet.

"Need some help?" a woman says, and Spencer looks up. Their heart beats fast, and for a moment, they can't seem to say anything.

"Oh-uh....s-sure." Spencer says, rather tongue-tied. Syeda offers Spencer a hand, and they take it. Spencer blushes. "Thank you." Syeda shrugs.

"No problem." Her mind was racing. How am I supposed to grant their wish? It's crazy! One person can't do all that....Oh. Now Syeda understood why they'd put her up to this.

Spencer was staring at her. When they realized that Syeda had noticed, they looked away, and got on line to pick out something for brunch.

Syeda sat back down at her table and pulled out her phone. She searched through her contact list till she found the name 'Violet'.

She quickly types a text; 'Why?! Why'd they pick me for this assignment?!' A few minutes later her phone buzzed at the response.

'Idk Ur single and pan, right ??' Syeda let out an exasperated sigh, shoving her phone back into her pocket. Whatever, she thought. If anything, she had to find a way to fulfill Spencer's wish.

Because, dear reader, what Spencer had said the day before was,

"I wish to fall in love, one day."


By the time Syeda had finished eating, and gotten off the phone with several of her associates, she'd lost track of Spencer. She walked out of the cafe, and made her way through the rain.

She winced, and crossed the street. The rain was loud, and even though she was very astute, she didn't hear as the truck almost hit her.

*Almost* Spencer had spotted her and pulled her away before she was hit. Syeda and Spencer crashed to the ground.

Spencer was huffing and breathing hard, because they had had to run really fast to catch up with her. Syeda looked at the individual in appreciation.

"Thank you." she said, gratefully.

Spencer was breathing too hard to respond. They stumbled to their feet, and held out their hand for Syeda. She took it and smiled, genuinely. It made Spencer blush a little.

"Welp, I best be off. I'll....I take it I'll see you around?" Spencer said. Syeda nodded, suddenly unable to stop smiling.

~~~ I hope you enjoyed! I may or may not continue this story eventually. Not sure. So yeah. Hope you like itt! <3

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