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unknownn "Write your feelings"
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For those couples who's suffering from a long distance relationship, this might help you a lot.

Long Distance Relationship

I know it may sounds ridiculous or anything, but few couples are suffering in this kind of stage in their relationship, some might say it wont work, some might say it will only last a few days,

weeks, months but not even a year or some might say yes, some couples can survive it.

I've been in this kind of situation where you are longing for your partner, where you want to feel the love but unfortunately distance is always in the middle,

i've been with the same man for almost 5 years, and 4 years of that relationship is long distance, its really hard, there's a point that we both want to give up,

but everytime that we think of the memories, time, effort and most especially love, we always find in each others arms again.

The only advice that i can give, is make an effort, find a time, don't lose communication and always show or make your partner feel that you love him/her.

Don't be afraid to invest of that relationship, because one day you might realize that you just invest a little love, a little time but look how far it have gotten. - unknwonn

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