Oh my baby
Oh my baby sad stories

unknownman Community member
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Short love letter

Oh my baby

Oh my baby, oh my baby girl how I miss the sweet taste of your soft little lips pressed against mine

How you would wrap your tongue around mine.. How I miss the sweet smell of your cotton candy perfume in the morning before we stepped behind them two doors..

Oh my baby how I miss your beautiful little smile and the way it made me feel when your eyes would lighten up..

Oh my baby my baby I miss you so much.. I feel so alone without your gentle touch and your gentle voice..

Oh my baby my baby why'd you have to leave me? Life is at a standstill since you left me my baby.

Oh my baby my baby just know I'll always remember your kind gentle heart. When you left you took part of me with you. Without you I'm lost confused and alone.

But my baby know this I will see you soon when I join you in them golden Gates of heaven and the time apart from you will fade from my memory as I hold you in my arms again.

Oh my baby my baby I love you.

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