Watching Him/Star Wars (Sequel Trilogy)
Watching Him/Star Wars (Sequel Trilogy) kylo ren stories

unknownchatroom A teenager trying to get through life.
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Rey's thoughts seconds after Ben's death. Chewie appears too. Very short story.

Watching Him/Star Wars (Sequel Trilogy)

Watching Him/Short Story


Rey's POV

His body faded away. I felt his soul leave my mind. Leave my body. My other half leaving me. Ben Solo was dead. He was dead. Stuck in the world between worlds.

My first thought after he faded away, was I need to find him. I need to save him.

I grabbed his sweater, the only thing I have left of him. Slipping it on over my usual clothing and curling up in a ball. Allowing myself to relax. To sob at the emptiness.

To sob at the loneliness. To sob at everything that has gone wrong. All the tears I had been holding back I let go. For him.

Suddenly. I felt someone watching me. I looked up to see Chewie looking down at me within his eyes there were tears as he realized what had happened.

"uughguughhhghghghhhgh uugggh?" Chewie asked sadly. I nodded mutely. Hugging myself into a ball.

"I am sorry...He...He is the last one." I cried out sobbing.

"huurh uuh uughguughhhghghghhhgh wuuh aaaaahnr huuguughghg uughghhhgh." He insisted. He bent down and pulled me into a nice hug.

"I can't live like this! I loved him!" I cried. Sobbing into his fur.

Chewie stayed silent and kept hugging me. I sobbed harder and harder until I managed to pull it together. A wave of exhaustion hit me.

Chewie picked me up and carried me to the falcon as I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Allowing exhaustion to take over.

I need to save Ben.

I need to get him back.

AN: I am clearly not over Ben's death. I think I need help.

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