Best Friend#2: Last Night

Best Friend#2: Last Night bestfriend stories
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unknown2020 Words are also a sword
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Best friends to lovers? Is it okay? What do you think?

Best Friend#2: Last Night

He suddenly wraps his hands to me. I don't know why he did that. What? ~ I said to him with a confused voice I'm sorry if I made a mistake, please don't ignore me? ~ I fastly removed myself into his tight hug and head back to the cafeteria.

I sat beside my other best friend Margareth. Then I ate silently. I can feel that she's looking at me. Are you alright? ~ Marga asked me. I just nod as my response which is different for her I guess because I'm not the person who's silent. The bell rang. Everybody is leaving and going to their class

I and Marga are walking towards our next class. While I spot Redd with his other friends. He met my eyes then I looked away. Seriously. Is Redd, and you alright? ~ Yes, we are ~ I gave her a smile after telling her that

Nah, you're lying ~ she said and give me a look of like " hey girl I know you ". Is it about last night? ~ she added I looked at her before we enter our classroom. I'll tell you tomorrow. ~ I told her And we both enter and sat down.

~ Time Skip ~ (After Class) I'm home. ~ I said then give my mom a kiss and go straight to my bedroom to take some rest. I throw myself on the bed. I close my eyes and think about last night. I think about what happened and why did that happen.

I and my friends planned that we will go camping just for one whole day. Last night was fun. We had a bonfire. We shared stories. And drink just a little bit ( we are 18, don't worry ) ~ Last night ~

We set up our tents and bonfire before it gets dark, we also prepared something to eat and drink. Then we all sat down and have some drinks. Mark suggested that we play 2 truths and 1 lie. All of us enjoyed it Then we had a deep conversation. We talked about our dreams for the future and more

After many hours of us being outside, we decided to go into Redd's tent which can fit the 6 of us. We talk and talk and then play again. Truth or dare ~ Game ~ Do you really like marga? ~ Angel asked Mark with a teasing tone. Mark got shocked.

Mark shut his eyes and said. Yes I really do like her. ~ He said with a smile in his face. Marga likes Mark too but she just doesn't want to confess it. So after the game. Mark and Marga went out, I guess to talk? The 4 of us waited in the tent and it's been 2 hours but they still did not come back.

12:55 am I'll go to my tent now. ~ Angel told us so as Liam. The two of them headed out. Good night. ~ I told Redd while I'm standing and ready to leave. Wait. ~. Can you stay for a bit?. He said. Sure. ~ I sat down near the tent's door while his across me.

Sit beside me. ~ Redd told me, I sat next to him and ask. What is it? ~ I said after a few minutes of silence. He laid his head on my shoulder, I can smell the alcohol from him. Are you drunk? ~ I said while teasing him gently. No. ~ he said with his serious voice. So? What now? ~ I asked

He didn't respond. He puts his face facing my neck which I can feel his warm breath. Then he wraps his hands around my waist. I love you ~ he said. I love you too ~ I replied. He sits up and faces me. Looking at my eyes deeply

I love you not just a friend or a best friend, I love you more than that. ~ he said that makes me shocked. Look at me. ~ he also said. I faced him. I really don't know what to say at this moment so I just stare at him. I am really blank. And then...

I can feel him coming closer and closer. His hands wrapping my waist gently. Then our lips touch. He kisses me and I kissed him back for a while and realized that it's all wrong. This is wrong. I walked out. And I went to my tent where Angela is there playing with her phone.

~ Present ~ I heard a doorbell and my mom told me to open it. I went downstairs to open who's at the door. I open the door. I become shocked when I see who it is. It's...

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