Best Friend #1: Someone

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unknown2020 Words are also a sword
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Trying to make a story. What do you think about this? (If there is a mistake, please tell me so that I can make it right) I hope you like it. 😊

Best Friend #1: Someone

Sitting in the corner of our class, starring at the door - checking the time still waiting for someone. The bell will ring in a few minutes.

I got my pen and notebook. Writing something. While this someone came and made me startled Hi! ~ I just ignore it Why didn't you tell me that you're here? ~ I just keep silent

By the way this someone, his Redd the one and only boy best friend of mine since we were 8 yrs old. His gentleman, sweet, caring, thoughtful and many more All the girls in our school like him because of his traits and his good looking face and body

Our teacher saves me from Redd, now he could stop asking me his questions. We are watching a film about our project right now. The lights are out and it's so freaking cold I forgot my jacket at my mom's car

I hugged myself cause of the cold air. Redd notice me Are you cold? ~ I heard him but still don't want to talk to him - he removes his jacket and offers it to me. I did not say any word. He suddenly put his jacket on me and put his one hand on my shoulder

For me, it's not awkward. I'm used to him being so caring. I can smell his sweet perfume which is my favorite scent and his also. It's warm now. Thanks to him ~ Time skips ~

It's our break time. I'm heading to the cafeteria with my other friends. But I will just go to the washroom for a while just to wash my hands I am now at the restroom doing my thing then the door shut and I heard the click of the lock

I am also used to these such things that the girls are mad and jealous because of me being with Redd and they also thought that there is something between us. What is it? Okay, it's about Redd again. Huh? How many times do I... ~ I suddenly stop speaking when

I heard Redds voice WHAT? ~ saying with a deep low voice. ARE THEY MAD AT YOU? I think his angry now because of that Why are you here? ~ I told him while my eyes are shocked because of his in the ladies washroom

He's staring at me. He's walking towards me...slowly. I don't know what's in his mind but he suddenly......

What did Redd do? Suddenly what? (I'll post tomorrow if you want. Just tell me!)

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