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It was bittersweet til the end.

(This is my first!! Please be kind. ^^)


It was a long day ahead.

He had articles in line for revisions. He had deadlines to meet.

He shuffled across his office, He stood and sat as if doing so would help him think of ideas.

It was a long day ahead.

She woke up with all his shuffling, She stood up and went to the bathroom.

She came back and kissed his cheek, She went to the kitchen to make coffee.

She walked back to the bathroom to take a shower. She went to the bedroom to dress.

She kissed his cheek once more and said goodbye. She went to the kitchen to fetch herself a cup of coffee. She got a note for him and jotted a note saying,

"Don't forget to eat. ❤"

She left with her bag and keys; All prepared for a long day ahead.

It was indeed a long day ahead.

Time was already two in the afternoon.

His focus on his work was cut by a ring coming from the kitchen phone.

He noticed the cup of coffee and the note. He smiled and proceeded to answer the phone.

The long, dragging day was now also gloomy and exhausting.

The call was finished. He went back to the counter.

He looked at the cup with tears in his eyes.

"I never thought that this would be the last cup you'll ever make."

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