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There once was a boy in town This boy loved a girl


There once was a boy in town

This boy loved a girl

They both had a vision

Of taking one the world

Oh how they laughed

Oh how they played

As they went through the days

You can see the sunshine when you look at his face

Good kids they are dreamers she left him in a daze

It's been good growing up in this type of place

Life has been so lovely in this tiny suburb town

When college came you know that their friends still stuck around

Known since elementary well make it to the end

Let's hit a couple parties maybe smoke and drink some gin

These good kids stayed revered

As they started their own life

A lot of college textbooks

But it will be alright

The leader of the sports team

He knew what was right

His girl is right beside him

He wants her as his wife

Time for me to go I'll see you as soon as I can

Remember you're my luck charm with you I always win

Our boy left a party

With a buddy by his side

Approached by some fellas who asked him for a light

These fellas took a strong one

They seemed tilted to the side

And then these fellas well they started up a fight

Our boy was a good one he wasn't bout that life

This boy was a leader

He was the best vibes

He tried to break the fight up

Listen guys it's alright

They threw him down on cement he crashed upon his head

Unconscious but still breathing don't let this be the end

His family was altered and upon their entrance

They found their boy wired up with a shaved head

The whole state was alerted that he's fighting for his life

He had immediate surgery then medically induced

His friends and family knew they had to say their love yous

His lover put his pictures together on a collage

She knows that her baby would want her to be strong

She's gotta do the bucket list that they made on her own

Her life has only started

She'll see him when it stops

5 days on life support but it won't be enough

Damage irreversible there was no sign of hope

Our boy went up a martyr

As he went into the sky

They all know his legacy and soon they'll reunite

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