This is my life story so far (TRIGGER WARNING)
This is my life story so far (TRIGGER WARNING) selfharm stories

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Trigger warning on behalf of the mention of
•self harm

This is my life story so far (TRIGGER WARNING)

I was a cute kid

A high iq kid

I was a dancer

Always knew the answers

Everything seems innocent behind a camera

Dreams of being a veterinarian or a vegetarian

Stuck to what I was told a peaceful Oblivion

My family proud as we sit in our loving house

I had some nice clothes good food in my mouth

Fell out with my best friend and then I got shut out

No friends but I had a phone

4th grade summer came we had a house fire

I had a phone so I looked for friends all around the globe

Hosting parasites eating at my dome

At least I wasn't alone

Met a boy in town

Who turned my frown upside down

My first love my first touch

He was the one

Or so I thought

He never claimed me

I wasn't enough

And soon enough

They got my name running through all their mouths

My pictures going everywhere I was their clout

I just wanted a friend they kicked me in the sand

Loveless with my wrist dropped in blood I just need a hug

Started skipping class to cut my wrist up

Maybe if I died then he'd know what he done

And then I learned about drugs

I learned why mom was weird on weekends

And why my brothers cooped up and always sleeping

Why my sister always flighted

I learned they're always fighting

They almost split up

But they gotta keep it together

For their little one

That's me

Their baby

I didn't see their love

Suicide watch, mental hospitals, state custody 3 more counselors

Things will get better when your older

Kids are pretty dumb

They had me feeling sad

Dad I'm feeling numb

Doctor put me on the drugs

My brother died

I regret this part of my life

Those pills went up in dose

I lost all of my hope

Their precious little girl fighting in the street

Their precious little girl getting taken by police

All her sadness turned to madness

She started picking up some heavy habits

Kicked out of school

She let him have it

She has a boyfriend

She let him have it

4 years later they took away the meds

But she still has the demons running through her head

She knows that they're fed

And now it's her turn to live

She still has that boyfriend

They been through some shit

But she learned to never give up and just stay positive

She has a couple friends

Some who won't admit

Her mother is broken glass

Her mother loves to sip

Her father get the stick

Her sisters on a hitch

She leaves the kids dismissed

She lost her innocence but she likes to make a stitch

Doesn't smoke too much but she can pass the spliff

Sometimes you gotta kill your self to begin

She thinks of all the time that's lost

How things could have been

Thinks of all the pain she put her parents in

She just wants to make a name

And be thankful for all the love that has been so blindly ample

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