Positively Pure
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Hermione Granger + Blood Test = Sadie Nott.

Positively Pure

In the large Granger household, there was a soft clinking of dishes being washed by Mrs. Granger, along with the sound of her humming an old show tune.

Hermione had regained their memories a few weeks back with a spell she found in the Restricted Section, and she was in the small room upstairs. Mr.

Granger was in the kitchen with his wife, and he was cooking a breakfast of pancakes, with a hint of something, most likely cinnamon.

The smell drifted up to Hermione's cozy room on the second floor, and she immediately woke up, and then smiled as she sniffed the sweet-smelling air.

She tiptoed to her large wooden wardrobe quietly, trying not to wake her little sister up, as the Grangers had a little baby girl while they were in Australia.

Hermione picked out a long-sleeved, minty colored top, and a pair of new cream leggings, and she had bought both at a muggle shop.

She was pulling the top over her head when she heard her sister, Ari, crying.

She gave a guilty sort of smile to herself in the small mirror on the wall, finished putting her clothes on, and jogged to her nursery on the topmost floor of the house, the 3rd floor.

Hermione opened the door, and scooped Ari up into her hands, but baby Ari was fussing, and crying, and still wouldn't sit still.

Hermione sighed, and gently put her down on the cozy pink rocking chair, and pulled a pink pacifier out of her pleather purse and gave it to her. Ari took it and popped it into her mouth.

Hermione scooped her up once again, and was successful this go-around.

She carried her sister downstairs, and it was quite tiring, because there were multiple floors, meaning multiple staircases.

"Have you ever tried pancakes?" Hermione whispered to Ari, who didn't understand her, being 7 months.

When they reached the bottom floor, Hermione sat Ari down in her pink highchair, and gave her a pink sippy cup and a pink toy. Hermione groaned.

"Why is everything in this house pink?" She asked exasperatingly to her parents, who both shrugged, Mrs. Granger first, and Mr. Granger copying her.

Hermione sighed, and grabbed a plate and a pancake, and sat down at the large, farmhouse style table.

She grabbed a nearby elastic (which was also pink) and tied her hair into a messy bun before pouring quite a bit of syrup on her pancake.

She grabbed a fork, and cut it with just that, no knife, into 4 pieces. She stuffed them in her mouth before engaging in a conversation with her parents.

Before she could speak, she was certain she heard the word 'Muggle", which was strange, as muggles didn't usually use that word.

Hermione came to the conclusion that it was actually the word, 'Messy', or, 'Meaning', or something like that.

She got a cup of water from the filter, and poured it inside the old black coffee machine. Hermione then got a navy mug from the white, wooden cabinet, and placed it under the machine.

She swiftly grabbed a coffee filter from the pantry and put it in, not knowing what type of coffee it was, but tired, and wanting caffeine.

She pressed the 'Brew' button, and watched as the at-home black coffee poured into her mug, and when there was no more coffee, she took out the filter, and tossed it into the metal trash can,

which, to be fair, was only a few feet away from where she stood.

She turned the coffee machine off, grabbed her mug, and sat on the counter so she could be face-level with her dad, who was abnormally tall.

She opened her mouth to say something, but before she could get any words out, she heard a loud pecking on her window, and her head turned to see what it was.

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