Match Made In Hell
Match Made In Hell harry potter stories

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The trio ran as fast as they could through the icy air blowing past their faces. "Don't hide." They hear, but they don't turn around. They know exactly who the voice is coming from. They speed up, and so do their followers.

Awesome! This is BOOK ONE!

Match Made In Hell

The trio ran as fast as they could through the icy air blowing past their faces.

"Don't hide." They hear, but they don't turn around. They know exactly who the voice is coming from. They speed up, and so do their followers.

"Drop it!" Exclaims another, deeper voice, also chasing them. Harry took a deep breath. 'So this is it.' He thought, and jumped into the icy water from the top of a hill.

The coldness of the water rushed through him, but the pain did not come. The others did the same. Again, the pain did not come. The crystal ball still in Harry's hands, he opens his eyes.

The others did the same. "Somebody tell me where we are!" Hermione exclaimed. She was scared, but didn't dare show it. Ron was the only one who could tell. Was.

They had lost track of him while journeying farther. Harry and Hermione agreed that it was for the best, but both couldn't hide their obvious sadness, and the blank space in the air around them.

They couldn't hold a funeral for Ron, as they didn't have his body.

Both young adults said that there was hope he was alive, but deep down in their sorrowed hearts, they knew there was no point in saying that.

Ginny had heard the news, and tagged along against her mother's wish.

Molly hopes that her daughter would not meet the same fate of now two of her sons, but she knew that anyone accompanying Harry Potter could die too.

She did know, though, that if she did, she would die a hero's death. Molly knew, from experience, though, that dying a hero's death does not distract from the fact of death. "I don't know.

" Said Ginny simply. Harry and Hermione were both scared, but Ginny wasn't, and she made that plain and simple.

They dried themselves with blankets, and sat down to eat.

Hermione started to spread something on slices of bread, and passed them out. "What is this?" Harry asked. Hermione coughed befor answering. "It's called Nutella." She said.

"It's a muggle thing." She finished. Ginny smiles. "It's a delicacy." Ginny said, clearly trying to break the ice. There wasn't much of that, nowadays. They had found a new prophecy.

The Boy Who Lived, he will lose a close friend, and he will gain new. The Dark Lord shall remain dead, but his followers shall peak, but not go down.

An unexpected figure will change sides, and accompany him on his journey.

Nobody was quite sure what if meant. Everybody was scared, though. One time Hermione walked in on Harry and Ginny kissing. But not in a happy way.

Just kissing, then not saying anything for the rest of the night. Harry hoped that he wouldn't lose Ginny. Although he would gladly take a killing curse for her, to save her.

But to her, losing Harry would be a fate worse than death.

Nowadays, fates worse than death were easy to come by, with Death Eaters ruling the streets using the Cruciatus Curse on anybody who dares to stand in their way.

All of a sudden, they hear the same deep voice. "We've got you now." Everyone looks up, and they see no voice, but without speaking, they figure it best to run.

Ginny points at a sign reading, 'GREAT HANGLETON 15 MILES'. Only Harry and Hermione knew what this meant. Harry took a deep breath and resumed running. The girls followed.

They find three people on a walk. They silently knock them unconscious with magic. They gather hairs for Polyjuice potion. "The Gaunt house!" Hermione exclaimed.

"We can get the ingredients there, potion ingredients never expire!" She explains. Harry tells Ginny about the Gaunts on the way there. When they arrive, they find that the door is still locked.

"I might have a solution." Said Harry, and the two girls understanding him, Hermione first, and then Ginny. "Ha-sey-ah-cha-seya." Harry spoke in Parseltongue.

Ever since Delphi broke out of Azkaban, he regained the ability. The door swung open. They walked in, and grabbed the ingredients without saying a word to each other.

They had no cauldron, so they used a mixing bowl. Once the potion was finished, Ginny split the potion into three cups, and Hermione added the hairs.

They drank it, and transformed into three muggles. Or, seemingly muggles. Immediately they found that in the back of their pockets, there were three wands. One for each robe.

They were all curious.

Ginny pulled hers out first. The three had heard footsteps, yet they all stood still.

"Well, why are we standing here?", Hermione asked/yelled. They all ran, and Hermione was actually the first to come to a halt.

They care to a muggle contraption, but everybody here was familiar with it. "Alohomora!" Hermione shouted, panicked. "Well, get in the car"! , commanded Ginny. They all did as said.

Harry has respect for Ginny, amongst other things, like a small dose of fear. Ginny didn't mind, she liked that she had control.

None of them knew how to properly drive, but nobody cared at the moment. Harry took the wheel, stepped on the gas, and took a deep breath.

He slowed down a little bit, stopped driving like a maniac, and rolled the windows up. "Harry, go faster!" Hermione shouted.

Harry visibly gulped, and responded with, "Do you want to make us noticeable? I'm driving like a muggle! You should know that, being muggleborn.

" He checked the windows, and drove towards the highway. Nobody spoke for the longest time. They reached a motel, and Harry pulled over.

"What is this place?" Ginny asked, being Pureblood, she never saw a motel before. Hermione answered this. "A motel. Like a house, but with strangers and you only stay for a few days.

" She said as they walked in. Ginny wrinkles her nose at this. "Sounds unpleasant." She remarked. "It sort of is." Harry told her. They make their way over to the receptionist.

"Names?" Asked a male voice. They all thought it would be best to fake them, they didn't speak to each other on this, but they just knew. "Mary Smith, Jo-Ann Williams, and Roonil Wazlib.

" Says Ginny, smirking at Harry when she said the latter of the names. Harry scoffed. "Now, if you could each pick up a pen and sign your names here." They did as said, or tryed to.

As soon as they touched the pens, they were attached to them. They glowed blue and started spinning. They were all thinking the same thing. 'A Portkey.

' They ended up in who knows where, because they were immediately blindfolded until they reached the dungeons. They were silent. Around 10 minutes later, the Polyjuice wore off.

Someone came down, and they all knew where they were. It was Draco Malfoy. They were in the Malfoy Manor. "Get out! Left, right, straight, left." He says. They all stare at their savior.

Then they leave in a rush, out of the manor before anybody can see them. They run, run, and run, and turn up at the same LITTLE HANGLETON sign. Harry sighs.

"This has been pretty pointless, hasn't it?" He asks. "Oh yes, it has." A voice replied, a voice that didn't belong to Hermione nor Ginny.

It was the higher-pitched of the two voices that belonged to their followers. The unhooded themselves.

Scabior and Bellatrix LeStrange!

" 'Ello there, beautiful." Scabior said. "Why, hello there." Said Bellatrix, as she jabbed Hermione in the face with her wand. "Mudblood." She whispered audibly.

She muttered a spell and they all saw the same thing.

Harry's mother dying.

Hermione erasing her parents' memories.

Ginny leaning over Fred's dead body, crying.

They were all separate, until now. Except that they weren't memories. They were replaying right in front of them, not quite fake, but not quite real.

Bellatrix laughs her awful laugh. "Maybe you need to tell what's fake..." The memories flash.

"... from reality." She finishes. A vision of the trio, knocked unconscious, with an ownerless wand waving over them. "You're supposed to be dead!" Harry states, clearly shocked.

"That, is a clear example of fake." She says, and with that, they are knocked out.

They all turn to look at their savior. Draco Malfoy. Again. "You can't let them!" He says. "They're messing with you're heads!" He exclaims. Ginny scoffs.

"I don't know what your planning, but stop it!" She says, and throws a people at him. It goes right through him, though he is 100% real. "See what I mean?" He says, and with that he disappears.

Ginny turns to stare at Hermione and Harry open-mouthed. They are just as confused. Hermione runs to the place that Draco was, and she disappears.

The other two follow her, and they immediately realize their location. It's Malfoy Manor again. They see Draco tied to a chair. Yes, it was the same Draco who warned them, but not quite.

"I have to go." He says. "Um, you're tied in a chair." Hermione says. "Draco Malfoy may be...

but what about me?" He says, or should we say she? He morphs into Bellatrix, but not in a Polyjuice way. In a Dark Magic way. He morphs back into Draco. "Help me!" He screams.

"How?" Harry screams back. "I honestly have no clue!" He says. Ginny rolls her eyes. "We're leaving, because thanks to you we ended up here!" She says.

He morphs into Bellatrix again, and it looks extremely painful. "Thanks to him.... or thanks to me?" She says. With that, they get zapped out of the Manor.

They fall through the sky, or, what looks like a sky. When Ginny touches it, it is not liquid nor solid nor gas, but a combination of them apart from the latter.

Not humid, or mist, though, more like a cloud, that has been amplified, and compacted, and all the liquid was sucked out. Nobody knew quite how to described it. Hermione walked towards the sun.

Yes, walked. It wasn't hot, nor cold, but precisely the temperature of nothingness.

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