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uni_verse I draw more than write. IG: aud_drawings
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A true story about the first time I tried to make food for myself. (lol)


I wanted to fix some dumplings.

It was my first solitary dinner.

My mom was eating with my grandpa

At a restaurant down the road.

Before she left, she told me what to do

And I promptly forgot.

I wanted to fix some dumplings.

I made a little stir fry for the side

Because I figured the dumplings

Wouldn’t be enough.

It was very pretty but I made too much.

The last four dumplings tumbled out of the bag

Into a glass bowl.

They were freezer burnt and I forgot to put them in water before I microwaved them.

They burst and were the saddest things I'd ever seen.

They tasted like wasted dreams and ruined dough.

My stir fry was cold and I cried into it.

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