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unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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my life, 24/7


The screen stares back at me,

Showing me all the things I want to be.

The commercials showing things I don't have,

Things I wish I could be,

So I stopped eating,

Just to look pretty.

Smearing make up on my face,

Just to make everyone stay.

Dying my hair,

To a color I hate,

Missing the days,

I felt safe.

I stare at the tv.


Trying to find new ways,

To make everyone,


Even if all this doesn't help,

All I will ever want and need,

Is for people to like me.

So I stare at the screen,

My smile long gone,

My eyes wide open,

As the clock flashes big red numbers,

Me ignoring them,

Just trying my best,

To pass this daily test.

The tv showing all my insecurities,

And ways to hide them,

Telling me I'll never find love,

Or be beautiful,

Without some surgery.

Always convincing me,

To buy there pills,

Their makeup,

And all of this,

Just to try to get a man.

Telling me I need these things,

Not sure if they're lying,

But in the end,

I always stay crying.

Doesn't matter,

How hard I try,

They'll never stay,

Well, just for a while, anyways.

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