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unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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Wanna join this game?

The game of pain?

The Game We Play.

We got this awesome game going on. Not much, but we play it a ton. It's not like other games, not UNO or Monopoly, But you still play it with me.

It's a pretty simple game to be honest. I hurt you, you hurt me.

God, isn't it fun? To both of us? You act like you don't care, I do the same. But I've been cheating at our little game.

I've said I don't care. I've acted like I'm okay. But everything's not the same.

This is the game between us. Just you and me. No one else knows. No one else plays.

We're playing hard now. I lost track of how long we've been up and at it. The smiles cover the tears, the lies cover my truth. My eyes though, they'll show you.

We got this awesome game. Nothing much, but we play it a ton. It's not like any other. Been playing for a year.

I hurt you.

You hurt me harder.

Who's winning?

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