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Thank You my best friends saved me stories
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unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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this is a thank you poem for my two best friends, for they are helping me so much get on with life. Thought i should show you all just how much they mean to me.

Thank You

Thank you. Even though you don't think you did much, You saved me.

Thank you, for all those times you told me I was worth it, Even when I was convinced I wasn't.

Thank you, For all those times you told me someone will love me, some one is out here for me. And now there is.

Thank you, For making me believe, even when I was on the edge of losing it all.

Thank you, For always sticking by me, Even when I thought your lives would be better without me in it.

Thank you, Even though you will never truly understand how much I love you two, I still thank you.

Its because of you two I wake up every day. Its because of you two I still manage to smile. Its because of you two I haven't given up. Its because of you two I still have a little bit of hope I'll survive, that this life will get better.

So, I thank you. I'm glad I have you to help me with this, With all of this.

I love you two, Thank you for making me realize I actually am worth it. Thank you for making me fight on.

To anyone reading this, Go to them. Tell your best friends, sister, brother,parents, anyone that you are thankful you have them. That you love them. Because, you might not realize it now, but they helped and believe that you ARE worth it. They helped more than they know, more than we know, more than I myself know.

Tell them Thank You. Because if they told you all the things my best friend have told me, then they deserve it. You. Are. Worth. It. I used to believe I wasn't, but now? I now know there are people think I am worth it.

And they make everyday wroth living. So yes, Thank you.

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