Save Her.
Save Her. superhero stories

unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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She needs to be saved, before its too late.

Save Her.

She needs to be saved. Before it's too late.

She needs to experience life, and all the cruel/wonderful things about it. She needs to cry, she needs to laugh.

She needs a head to rest on, a hand to hold, a heart to touch, a lover to feel.

She needs to have feelings, She needs to share her thoughts, She needs to smile again, She needs to feel loved.

She needs a superhero, Maybe a angel, She just needs someone, To save her.

Would you be, Her someone?

Her angel? Her superhero? Her friend? Her only family? Her true lover? Her solider? Her lucky, Forever?

Because that's all she needs.

For someone,

To save her.

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