If only I could.
If only I could. love yourself stories

unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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if only it was that simple for me.

If only I could.

If only I could self-love. I mean yea i totally can. Wait, no that's a lie. I mean, what's there to love here?

Look at my arms. Trace the tears back to my harm. Look at the cuts. Notice I got lots.

Hating myself so much, My arm hurting so bad with just one touch, My head making up these damn excuses and the next lie, My mouth opening, swearing I'm fine.

But it's nothing. I'm still somewhat alive. And I'll be fine, 'Till next time, When the blood runs down, The pain taking me out, I swear I'm okay.

But now my life seems like a game, One more lie, another mistake. Telling everyone I'm okay, When clearly deep down I'm just about to break.

But I wish they'd say, I WILL be okay. I wish they'd mean it, Say it every day. Yea, they have. But only when I'm down. Why can't they fix my frown?

Or am I asking for too much? Is what I have just right enough? What's wrong with wanting self-love? Oh right, I'm doing this all for fun.

The cuts for attention, The fake smiles for eye rolls. The fake laughs to be made fun of, I just wanted someone to pull me close....

But whatever. I'm fine. I'm just gonna keep on and lie, Tell myself I'm okay. And no,

I won't break.

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