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unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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Some random quotes I think of. Comment your favorite, if any.


1) Those who wear the biggest smile, hide the worst pain.

2) It's hard to admit your mistake to someone, especially if you hurt them along the way.

3)It's hard to look at someone, remember everything you two used to have,then look away and remember it's all gone now.

4) That sickening feeling you feel when you see that they moved on, while you still can't.

5) Depression- knowing you're not worth it.

6) If people could read my thoughts, I'd be in a hospital for mentally sick people.

7) Physical pain I can heal from, it's mental and emotional pain that takes longer.

8) I cut myself so that have a physical excuse to cry, if people knew I cry for emotional reasons,they'd say I'm weak.

9) I wait until it's dark and everyone else is asleep before crying my eyes out.

10) Crying in the shower so no one can notice.

11) Re-reading hate comments just to feel worse about yourself.

12) I cut my left arm because it's useless, it reminds me of myself.

13) I've acted like someone else for so long, I don't even know who I am anymore.

#14) Those I love the most, I hurt the worst.

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