Criminality pt1
Criminality pt1 twist stories

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"You dont strike me as a professional crimminal." She muttered glancing over. I shrugged, "That's why I'm so good at it."

Criminality pt1

"You dont strike me as a professional crimminal." She muttered glancing over.

I shrugged, "That's why I'm so good at it." She still didn't look convinced. I flashed a grin at her, and winked as I dropped through the ceiling.

I heard her gasp sharply. Rolling my eyes i tried to get my bearings, the room was larger than I remembered. One of the ceiling tiles shifted and Theo poked her head out.

"Did you find it?" Her whisper was as subtle as a freight train.

I stuck a finger to my lips and angrily motioned her back. I could hear her muttering about "just trying to help" and resisted rolling my eyes again.

I drifted over to the last place I recalled seeing the stone. The room was dark enough to shroud things in shadow but, the light of the moon illuminated the floor.

The stone wasn't there. I could feel the residual energy, it had been moved recently. Whoever moved it placed it in something that blocked the power, I couldn't trace it.

I swore softly. Theo's head appeared out of the gap in the roof again, a questioning look on her face. Thankfully she stayed silent this time.

"It's gone." I whispered. Theo frowned, her forehead quickly turning red from hanging upside down. She pointed at herself, then at the ground.

I shook my head, walking back towards her. "Thanks but it wouldn't help. You can't even feel the energy it would emit."

She huffed, "I still could help. I know some things. I watched a lot of T.V. and I have...skills too."

I hushed her again "not so loud! The alarms are sensitive!"

"Stop shushing me Samantha!"

The end of her sentence matched up perfectly with the wail of the alarm. I flew back into the ceiling, leveling my best glare.

"Oops." she said sheepishly, hauling herself back up.

"You think?" It came out a bit harsher than I meant, but not by much. "Follow me. Stay close I don't have time to double back for you!"

"So...What happens now?"

"No idea." I muttered. "This was my best chance at getting that piece of me back!"

"And I ruined it." Theo murmured.

"Ah, shit Theo. You didn't-we can still try..." I turned to face her in the small space.

"I'm sorry." she reached out to touch my face, but her hand passed right through.

I shuddered "I dont think I will ever get used to that."

She smirked, "how do you think I feel? Robbing houses with a ghost of my best friend?"

I tried to smile, "lets just go before someone catches us. We can try and figure out who took the stone later."

Theo nodded, "you must be tired, you're starting to fade."

I yawned, "If I disappear, meet back at your place to regroup."

"We'll get your Soul Stone back Sammy, I promise"

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