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Not everything is as it seems.

Antique Dealer

The antiques appraiser gulped as he felt the warm breath of the seller on the back of his neck. "So, what do you think?" the seller asked excitedly "pretty cool stuff right?"

"'s certainly a unique collection." the appraiser stuttered out.

The seller beamed in pride and continued to closely watch as each piece was painstakingly looked over to find the best value.

The expert took a few glances at the seller and finally straightened, clearing his throat "I am sorry to tell you sir but these products are not worth anything at all."

"WHAT?" thundered the seller "I spent my whole life collecting those, only for you to tell me that they are not worth anything?"

The small man cowered under the onslaught of anger from the vendor. "S-sir, please do not yell! I promised you I would evaluate your product and I have!"

The merchant glowered down at the rat-like appraiser "I could eat you." he stated matter-of-factly. "I could eat you and there is nothing anyone could do about it."

The appraiser burst into tears. He blubbered for a good ten minutes, snot running down his face and mixing with the salty water.

The seller inhaled deeply and grinned at the obvious fear and awkwardness the analyst was feeling. "Okay, I'm good now. Have a nice rest of your day" he called turning away.

The auditor squeaked in fright as the peddler's tail nearly took his head off. He scuttled under the table that held the collection.

"What do you mean you're 'good now'? Not two seconds ago you were threatening to eat me!"

The retailer chuckled to himself baring his sharp fangs. "Dear appraiser, you do understand that for a dragon hoarding and collecting is just as important as breathing don't you?"


I just do not see how that applies to your threat! I have appraised your collection of soggy newspaper origami and found it severely lacking in value!" He shrieked, gaining volume with each word.

"I do not collect soggy newspaper origami, tiny morsel...I collect uncomfortable situations." The dragon dawled smirking.

The appraiser sat, slumped in his chair entirely silent. Lawrence, for that was the dragon's name, chortled once more at the feelings flowing from the unfortunate human.

The dragon turned away once more still laughing to himself as he made his way out of the airplane hangar they were working in.

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