to my 13 year old self,
to my 13 year old self, 
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you don't know what you've got till it's gone

to my 13 year old self,

hey there, I am the 21 year old you

I would like to tell you that guy will kiss you

But you won't kiss back

Because you'll realize, he's not worth your wonderful heart

And you'll get over him and realize there is more to life than this

There will be friends and family who would save you constantly and love you unconditionally

and you will win homecoming queen

you'll have the most amazing vacation at the beach hearing your mom laugh while your dad swim like it's his first time

and you will continue to love truly

you will have the best Christmas celebration, warm and cozy with your complete family and your dogs

and you will do good at school, and make it to the dean's list

a guy will fall in love with you and he'll let you ride his motorcycle

and you will have the best night of your life without your parents texting that you have to go home you'll just feel carefree

these happy moments, treasure them with all your heart

live and cease every moment

I am telling you, these are the good old days

live right now, be reckless, have a leap of faith, and the future will take care of itself

things will change and you have to be strong

and these good old days will be your anchor to live long

oh and happy birthday love

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