My 13 reasons why I enjoy Commaful
My 13 reasons why I enjoy Commaful thoughts stories

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how about urs?

My 13 reasons why I enjoy Commaful

13. I can totally express myself through poetry.. with amazing photosets.. for extra feels

12. I love how it gives us daily "topics" so we can put our mind to brainstorm mode

11. No haters, no cyberbullying, it is definitely P-U-R-E My heart pumps out of my chest, literally... -------------> LOL

10. Pure means, just the KINDEST words from other commapeeps... "that's amazing" "you're one heck of a genius" "I love cats too!" "Wow, that's beautiful"

9. Pure art, no face value, no popularity quotient You love what you love, who cares if it's not on the trend!

8. It actually helped me coping up with my depression.. :-)

7. I love seeing amazing human beings share their most vulnerable emotions through this site commaful is like a window to a writer's soul....

number 6 are for the commapeeps who write THRILLER stories I get So-much-intensity-I-dont-even-need-netflix-bye kind of feels sometimes

number 5 are for the people who put their amazing lovely hearts into words cheers for the people who are HOPELESS ROMANTICS You'll defintely find your silver lining soon and it'll be beautiful

number 4 are for those commapeeps who write stories about their pets. I love you! we love our pets! they are our sunshine our only sunshine they make us happy when skies are grey damn my heart...

3. commaful helped me gain confidence.... By just being myself

2. people here are just real to the core. They are inlove they are mad they are scared they are honest they are kind Commaful writers lift up each other

1. this site is for the artists, the sad, the mad, the wonderful. I believe we all are. and I believe as long as we share connections like this we are making the world a much better place through YOUR words reaching over thousand souls

so what about you? why do you love commaful? P.S. stay inspired PSS:

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