Milky way kind of thing part 2
Milky way kind of thing part 2 magic stories

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PART 2 of my story "milky way kind of thing"

warning: Very heartbreaking

Milky way kind of thing part 2

8 pm we are inside your car, staring at the stars. sharing the night sky, as the moon leads the night light,

You said, you adore the stars, "How vast and symbolic they are"

How they shine out by joining the dark blue night sky,

how they seem so reachable to those guys who are in love. "I'll grab the stars for you" you mocked

I laughed as you said, "how they are visible to someone’s eyes as it sparkle."

I fell in love with them too, how I see them in your eyes

how i can grab constellations and offer it to you,

how i see you shine out despite the sea of people,

and how my mind always leads back to you.

And then Estela,

Estela was named after the stars,

You told me you saw her magic,

You told me you saw her shine out,

You told me you can grab the milky way and offer it to her ,

You said the tides of your heart levitate as it bring you to the clouds

And I, was named after a princess.

Maybe, I am just a damsel in distress

As I stared, at the night sky alone,

as I let the stars reflect in my eyes

I wonder when will be my happy ending start

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