despite your heartbreaks

despite your heartbreaks hope stories

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You are one heck of a strong human person despite everything

despite your heartbreaks

I hope you are still that soft- hearted person who appreciates sunflowers and thankful for the sunrise

I hope you still trust someone who gives you compliments despite the one who said you are not that great

I hope you won't forget to take care of yourself despite that someone who belittled your talent

I hope you still laugh wholeheartedly while watching some silly cats

I hope being able to wake up today makes you grateful

I hope you won't stop believing in magic and miracles despite the silence of heaven you are praying to

I hope you stay kind and tender despite the cruel world we live in

You can be that someone who make the sun shine in our universe despite the bad things

Don't let yourself show cruelty though they make a thousand mistakes

You are important, you survived a lot, and you will survive whatever is coming

"there's an element of evolution when you let yourself be free from expectations and fear. You enjoy life more when your mind is free" - Malanda

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