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Am I meant to be loved? Or forever forgotten?


I hate that everyone has to leave. I feel like I’m the breeze that’s taking away all the leaves

You come into my life You make it so much better You make me love you Then move on to something better

I’m glad that you’ve done what’s best for you But I feel like everyone says... who?

It started off with dad... then with pooh. and now it your turn to leave me too.

I think your incredible and the way you make me feel is unmeasurable. But that only makes it harder for me at every goodbye when I try not to cry.

I miss you all the time. all 3 of you. the people that I hold closest all decide to leave.

I hate that I love so hard because I want people around me all the time. But everyone always leaves and it makes it harder for me.

I wish people would stay... or could take me... with but I’m left here to deal with the choices I’ve made.

I hope you will all come back to me . I’ll love you all forever. Next time we shall see... If I am meant to be forever.

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