The struggle of writing a short story
The struggle of writing a short story sliceoflife stories

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What my professor said about it: Super cute. I really like the idea. I think it is developed as well as she can be for the lenght of th story. Consistens tone. Strong language. Good example of a slice-of-life short story. Nice work.

The struggle of writing a short story

"And don't forget to hand in your short stories by 10 pm tonight!" Shit, I completely forgot about this stupid short story I need to write in order to pass my creative writing class.

Why did I even choose this class? What's wrong with me? I hate creative writing. The most creative aspect about my writing are the emojis I use when sending WhatsApp messages.

And why did I put this off once again. Didn't I tell myself to start right away so I won't be in the shitty situation of having to finish work two days before Christmas.

Oh god, why am I so lazy and why do I make the same mistake over and over again.

"Don't be so whiny Grace! You signed up for this class and now you are going to rock this thing and write most exciting short story ever!

", I'm telling myself, desperately trying to motivate myself on my way back home. Since nobody is home at this time of the day, I have the whole flat to myself.

Before making myself comfortable at my desk, I find my way to the kitchen to prepare some snacks and make myself some hot chocolate.

You can't be creative without the right amount of snacks and some hot chocolate.

At least I can't and I'm deeply impressed by anyone who can be productive without getting up for food at least every 20 minutes. I should really work on that but that is a task for another day.

Not going to start acting like a grown up now. Not when I need to produce something creative until the end of the day. Also, I enjoy being a little whiny now and then a little too much.

Let's do this. I put on my cosy socks, they look like little bunnies and have ears, take my snacks and the cup of hot chocolate and make myself comfortable at my desk.

Okay, well, rather semi comfortable since it looks like a mess and I need to shove a dozen of books, pens and loose papers to the side before being able to sit down.

I seriously need to tidy up my room some time soon.

While sipping on my delicious hot chocolate, I sprinkled little chocolate snowmen on top of it by the way, I turn on my laptop and go to our moodle room,

looking for a hint on how to write this short story. Ah, there we go, the teacher uploaded some kind if check list:

Tips and tricks for writing a short story:

- A well-developed main character

- An effective use of "showing versus telling" in key scenes

- A conflict that builds to a story climax

- Specific nouns and verbs that convey sensory details

- Dialogue that conveys something about a character's personality or voice

- Consider making it an adaptation

Well, that's a start, I can work with that.

I'm just going to write one of these super annoying but sadly super entertaining Hallmark Christmas movies in which this annoyingly perfect female main character leaves her perfect life

in perfect New York behind to go back home for the holidays and suddenly meets Prince Charming on his white horse while taking a walk through the neighbourhood of her lovely

and perfect suburban hometown. Nothing easier than that.

She will meet her old primary school crush who never left this picture-perfect town and who coincidentally is single and of course extraordinarily wealthy and good looking.

After reconnecting over a glass of wine, they fall in love, spend everyday together and she decides to leave her whole life in New York behind, her career, her friends, just everything,

to move back home and start to build a family with her Prince Charming. Not very original, but since it works for Hallmark it should at least let me pass this class.

Okay, let's call her ... Poppy. Poppy works for a super famous magazine in New York and has the most luxurious apartment right next to Central Park. She is blonde and skinny and perfect.

She has the most loyal friends who of course all work for the same magazine as she does and have an equally perfect life.

They are all young and pretty and successful and couldn't ask for anything else. Poppy, she really wants to find true love. I let my knuckles crack and start typing.

I decide to send Poppy home for Christmas. I feel like she is a southern Bell who comes from Alabama. As a teenager she was a cheerleader and the most popular girl at her high school.

Everybody loved her because she was just so sweet. "God, I would have hated her.

She sounds like the most terrible and annoying person ever", I mumble to myself while eating some Christmas cookies. The ones with chocolate, my favourites.

I start looking around my room, trying to find some inspiration for Poppy. However, the only thing I realize is how messy my room looks.

I'm so ready for the upcoming Christmas break, can't wait any longer!

"Stop procrastinating Grace! Get back to work, Poppy desperately needs to find true love over the Christmas holidays. Don't let her wait!", I'm telling myself.

I decide to set myself an alarm for an hour to finally finish this short story without distracting myself anymore. You want to know whether it worked.

Well, what do you expect of someone who leaves everything to the last minute and lives in the messiest room ever...

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