Pinecrest Park
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When Pinecrest High School's star track runner gets murdered, it's up to his friends to solve it. But what was he hiding?

Pinecrest Park

It was quiet. An eerie type of quiet. A type of quiet that shouldn't exist in a High School, but it was beautiful. The halls were empty for the first time in months. Completely empty.

No students rushing to class, no teachers wandering the halls, and no sound creeping from inside the classrooms.

It had all started 6 weeks ago. William Gendy, 17 years old, went on a walk at 6pm and was found at 9am the very next morning with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck.

His face was blue, shades of purple and pink sprinkled across his bruised cheeks, the light in his ocean foam colored eyes gone, and the blood that dripped from his broken nose dry.

He was found by a couple of joggers on their morning run. It was a shock at first. Nothing this serious had ever happened in the small town known as Deer Creek.

That's when the curfew was put in session. Everyone under 18 years old was expected to be inside before 8pm sharp.

If the curfew was disobeyed they would spend the night in the local police station and their parents would be notified.

William's funeral was held on October 5th, five days after they found his body. He was dressed in his favorite sweatshirt, his school's mascot displayed on the front.

It's cheery expression stood out in a sea of crying faces. It was an open casket.

The mortition did his best to cover up the red marks around his throat and fix his nose and return the color to his face but it was obvious. He had died in an incredibly sad and violent way.

His classmates and family members filled up the seats in the church.

His mother refused to look at him because she didn't want that to be the last time she would see him and his father stood outside,

ashamed that his last interaction with his son was slamming the door in his face and telling him to never come back.

In the very back sat his two closest friends, shoved aside by people who had hardly ever talked to the boy,

but somehow made it to his funeral just so they could say "I knew the boy that was murdered in Pinecrest Park" and go on and on about how great of a student he was and how he didn't deserve

to die, but they were wrong. William was a complete psychopath. Of course his friends missed him but if anyone had asked them they'd give their most honest answer. "He deserved it".

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