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For all the fathers out there who always know the best for their kids even though we kids don't realise it until its too late.

My Hero

I used to look up at him in awe He was my role model, my inspiration He was my father, my hero.

He did not support me or break my fall He let me get hurt with the pain He made me learn how to climb the wall And made sure I would never fall again.

He was queer, this old man He was wise beyond his years He did not tell me how or when But made me face my own fears.

He did not teach me how to walk He let me stumble along the ways Until I learned to sit straight and talk He let me live my silent days.

From him, I learned how the world was From him, I learned how to hide my fears From him, I learned to strive without pause From him, I learned to hide my tears.

He made my life worth living He stood by my side with a silent vow He brought me out when I went hiding He made me the man I am now.

I still look up at him in awe Even though he's no longer there He's still my inspiration, my father He's still my hero.

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